Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Model Ali Michael back to work

When Ali Micheal spoke out about eating disorders in the modeling industry on national TV and in Teen Vogue, I'm betting she was pretty scared that she wouldn't work in fashion ever again. Thank God she doesn't have to worry anymore because she stars in the new Anna Sui campaign.
I don't know if she's gained any weight but she looks typically model-thin in this photo.

(That's Ali on the left. )

It will be interesting to see which (if any) designers will choose her to walk in their S/S 09 shows this Fall. If they do, I think it's a good step towards recognizing that women who weigh more than 110 pounds can walk the runway and look gorgeous. Now I am not saying that Ali represents the typical woman, but as a model, it is hard when you are competing against 15-year-old girls who are shaped like poles and if you gain just a couple pounds, it makes a big difference. I really hope that she gets casted in the S/S 09 shows and I hope she stays healthy.

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s. said...

I am really behind this story, and I'm glad that you posted it. Although being over 110 lbs isn't considered "heavy", in the fashion industry, and as a model, it puts a hinderance on your career when you are, as you say, up against fifteen year old girls, because they have girls bodies, and not a woman's body.
I just hope she stayes focused on her career and staying as healthy as she can.