Monday, July 21, 2008

My gripe with FASHION magazine

When I saw that my favorite model Coco Rocha was on the cover of FASHION magazine, I almost peed with excitement. Normally I am not a huge fan of FASHION mag's covers; they can sometimes be stale, uninspiring and even amateurish. But this cover really popped out; the vivid colours were beautiful and Coco's pose was so natural and high-fashion. This cover is a definite hit.
Unfortunately my excitement turned into severe disappointment and frustration when I saw that Coco didn't have an editorial spread. There were only two photographs from the shoot and then a bunch of small family and friends photographs.
To the editors of FASHION magazine: This is Coco Rocha; one of the top models in the biz right now and she's Canadian. How can you fuck this up? For Canada's top fashion mag to not give Coco the editorial she deserves is insane. Was it because you couldn't fit the photos in the mag? Screw the other articles and editorials; Coco takes precedence. It's embarrassing that international magazines give her lots of pages but her own country's top fashion magazine can't do her that service. Where's the love?

Another gripe: The story was boring and didn't have any new information. Everyone who follows fashion knows that Coco was found while she was competing at an Irish dance competition. Isn't there something new to talk about? Couldn't the reporter come up with anything better than this?
I hope that next time FASHION mag puts a model on its cover, it gives her more than two photos. After all, fashion mags are supposed to be about the editorials.

Update: Here are the two photos from the mag.

At least Elle Canada knows a good model when it sees one. Here are some photos of Coco from their June 2008 issue.

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s. said...

First off, I loved that ELLECanada Coco spread. It was so well done and gave her an opportunity to spread as a CANADIAN model, in a CANADIAN publication. So I totally agree with you on that one.

I also agree with your opinion on the FASHION spread. I was disappointed as well. I was so excited to get a newsletter in my Hotmail inbox announcing her as the cover model and, seeing the cover photo, was eager to see her spread. I was greatly disappointed.

As a Canadian publication, FASHION should be encouraging the advancement of Canadian models--the industry has been working hard to get to this point, and having Coco Rocha as one of the current top models in the biz is something that shouldn't be overlooked by just putting in a couple photos for, technically, their "cover story".

If FASHION Magazine wants to compete not only with other Canadian fashion publications, but global ones as well, they need to pay attention to these things and step up their game.