Thursday, July 24, 2008

Eva Mendes is sexy in CK underwear

This news is a couple days old but I wanted to comment about Eva "It's pronounced Ava" Mendes as the new face of CK Seductive Underwear.

For the past few seasons, Natalia Vodianova (who seems to get thinner each time she has a child,) has been the face and the body of CK underwear. So this season the CK big-wigs thought they would appeal to those of us who are not rail thin by putting Mendes in their ads.

Tom Murry, the president and operating officer of Calvin Klein Inc., noted in a recent press release, "This is a departure from more slender body types that have been typically used in Calvin Klein Underwear ads.

"But this is not so much about a trend of being more curvaceous. This product is made for a curvaceous woman."

Ha! I find it comical that Mendes is considered "curvaceous." Maybe they mean that she has bigger boobs than the waifs they usually feature. The truth is, most of us do not like like Eva Mendes, but by God if buying CK underwear will give me abs, pert boobies and a sexy Latina pout, then I'm whipping out my credit card.

CK Underwear will make your boobs bigger! Just ask Natalia!

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