Thursday, July 17, 2008

Review: Evan Biddell F/W 2008

Evan Biddell's show at L'Oreal Fashion Week in March was my first fashion show. I went with my co-worker Chris and even though we had invitations, our names weren't on the seating list. As if that would stop us from getting a seat. We decided to look confident and promptly sat down in the front row. No one noticed! I was really excited to see my first fashion show so when the first model came sashaying down the runway (coincidently it was model Simona McIntyre who I interviewed a couple months prior) I couldn't believe how much fun it was. Sitting in the front row makes all the difference in the world. I could practically reach out and touch the models if I wanted too. I could see all the little details (and the flaws) in the clothes so it gave me a better idea of their construction and the materials that were used.
After the show I went backstage and it was really hectic: Naked models in the midst of dressing, reporters clamoring for interviews, make-up artists fixing up models for the next show. It was all very frantic but fabulous. I briefly got to speak to Simona who had to do an interview with Jeanne Beker and then go right to the airport to catch a flight to another job.
Unfortunately I didn't have time to get an interview with Biddell; I had to rush back outside and get in line for the next show or else I wouldn't get a seat! As the week carried on, I only got away with getting a front row seat at four shows, but at least I got a seat. Many people were relegated to the standing room only section at the back.
The only thing about Fashion Week that sucks? The long wait-time. Imagine standing in four-inch heels for 45 minutes, being herded into the show, making a mad dash to find an empty seat (even if you are on the list, you might not get a seat) watching a 15 to 20 minute show, making a mad dash outside to get in line again and waiting another 45 minutes. And where were about eight shows a day. It's a crazy week but it's worth it!

My review of the show is on fashionistas, a new Canadian fashion networking site. I'll post the first bit to give you a taste!

Evan Biddell F/W 2008

Evan Biddell, winner of Project Runway Canada, kicked off L’Oreal Fashion Week with a collection that needed a bit more tweaking.

Read the rest of my review here.

(Photos: Canadian Press)


s. said...

i loved this show!
i do the same thing at fashion week. grab front row seats. a couple times i have been kicked out. otherwise, i sit in my seat and a minute before the begins if there is an empty front row seat i sit in it and just pretend i belong there.
fashionistas is a great site as well! great coverage.

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It won't work in reality, that's exactly what I consider.