Friday, July 18, 2008

Vintage finds

I am a newcomer to vintage so I've been researching a lot of local stores as well as online consignment shops. I came across Olive's Very Vintage, a clothing boutique in Brooklyn, which sells vintage designer clothing and accessories, as well as lesser-known goodies.
Here are some of my favorite selections:

Ralph Lauren Nautical Blazer, 1980s

I love how this nautical blazers are making a comeback. I bought a similar blazer with a crest and gold-plated buttons on the sleeves at Bebe and I always get asked whether it is vintage. One guy even asked me if I went to an all-girls school (I lied and said yes!) I love how this blazer is over-sized but is fitted to your shape.

Metallic Egg-Shaped Evening Bag, 1970s

It reminds me of a Fabergé Egg; so gorgeous but quirky. I would love to get my hands on this unique piece. And it can also be used as a clutch!

Grey Silk Mandarin Dress, 1950s

This piece is very classic and elegant but I also find it extremely sexy in a restrained kind of way. I love the idea "less is more" and this dress exemplifies that statement.

Norman Norell Floral Lace Dress, 1960s

When I saw this dress I immediately thought of the Prada F/W 08 collection which really showed us how we should be wearing lace. This dress still looks young and modern and I love how the bow completes the outfit.


s. said...
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s. said...

there's a really great consignment boutique on yorkville ave. called Second Time Around. It's got really great finds of top designer goods. unfortunately you need an appt, so i've only been in once!

lauren said...

i own the dress in the last photo, the cotton lace overlayer one and i was just wondering where you got that photo of it? i'd love to know!


muebles en navalcarnero said...

Wow, there is a great deal of effective material above!