Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rant: The sales associate is a jackass

On Tuesday I went to the Louis Vuitton at Yorkdale mall with my sister and a Purse Forum member who's a friend of mine to buy myself a bag for my birthday.

I was trying to decide between the Damier Speedy 30 and the Epi Alma in Grenade. Since I already have four Speedies and I don't have anything in Epi, I decided to go with the Alma. I later realized that I wasn't feeling the bag so I decided to return it on Thursday. To be clear: I never used the bag and never touched the inside of it. If you use a bag, LV won't take it back which is fair.

So I get to the store and I return it to the same SA who sold it to me. While he was inspecting it he said: "You can't return bags that you've used." I told him that I never used it. He then told me "Well then you must have put your things in it. See this? (He pointed to the inside of the bag) I never sold it to you in this condition." I told him that I didn't put anything in the bag and that I didn't even touch the inside. He repeated "You put your things in the bag. Next time when you buy a bag, make sure you actually want it." I was fuming but I told him calmly that I never used it and I never put anything in it. He just ignored me but let me return it. He basically called me a liar. It really left me with at bad taste in my mouth, so I know that I will never deal with that SA again and I doubt I will shop at the Yorkdale location ever again either.

So ladies and gents, if you are ever shopping at the LV in Yorkdale, avoid the tall man with the snooty look on his face!

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