Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summer Dresses

Summer is here and temperatures in Toronto will reach almost 40 degrees this week. Ack! I'm afraid that my usual uniform of jeans and a loose top will not do. It's time to break the bank and go shopping for summer dresses AKA my clothing foes.

I already have two strapless dresses from the Gap which I have worn to work, but I need something else that won't make me worry about the top falling down and exposing my chest. That's why I love the Internet.

First stop: Jacob. I love Jacob and Jacob Connexion because they always have inexpensive quality clothing. They have the best summer tops and stylish sweaters. And now I have realized that they have amazing dresses. Take a look at my picks:

1. Printed Scoop Neck Dress. $85

I love that this dress has a print as if it were painted on and I like the belt. Although I would take that belt off and buy another one that doesn't match. The wide shoulders make it perfect to wear to work or for a fun day of shopping and eating.

2. Everyday Dress. $85

If you look closely at the bust, you see there are some nice details in the sewing as well as right below the bust showing three layers.

3. Tube Dress. On sale for $59.99
Because I love a draped skirt.

4. Silk Chiffon Dress. On sale for $59.99

I love the colours and how it's sexy but understated.


Eric said...

These are all really cute, and can be worn as either casual dresses or to more dressier occasions. I like all of these. said...

I totally match with anything you have written.