Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fresh face: Could she be the next Coco Rocha?

I was browsing the Chantale Nadeau site when I noticed the picture of their model Cate. No last name; just Cate. What made me stop and take a look at her polaroids was that she looks almost exactly like Canadian wunderkind Coco Rocha. She has the same small pout, the straight eyebrows, the long dark hair and the same stare! It's uncanny. Coco, um, I mean, Cate, is in a Flare editorial this month. Check out the pics and decide whether she's Coco's long-lost twin sister.

Update: I found out that her full name is Cate Chant.
She is also signed with Sutherland Models.

Holy crap! That's Coco!

Give me that Coco Rocha come hither look.

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