Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fuck PETA: Carine Roitfeld

The Paris Vogue editor might want to start wearing large sunnies because PETA activists will be chucking pies in her face when they see this editorial in the August issue.
Carine styled a shoot with a fur-covered Raquel Zimmermann giving PETA-like activists the finger.
Normally I find editorials like this fun and cheeky; very refreshing from the usual stale poses. But I am against wearing fur and to blatantly flip off PETA, which stands for a worthy cause, is quite disgusting to me. Grow up, Carine.


Secretista said...

PAHAHA. I just did the same post!

Secretista said...

...except, we have completely different views.

Secretista said...

I understand! Girl, you're allowed to think whatever you want to think! :)

s. said...

well done.

I can appriciate forward editorials that carry messages, and, even though I don't wear fur myself or support that industry, I can understand how editorials such as this are intended to carry a message.

But have you ever heard of class? PETA got slammed for their ridiculous sense of rallying; isn't flipping the bird in an editorial stooping just as low?

Mudd said...


Oh, and uhh... FUCK peta.

muebles oferta said...

I think everyone must read this.