Wednesday, September 3, 2008

90210 disappoints

I watched the two hour premiere of the Beverly Hills 90210 remake last night and I have to say that it was a letdown. Not only was I bored with the wishy-washy plotlines and the placid characters, the fashion was hideous. Now I know that those in L.A. aren't the most fashionable bunch, but I was still expecting at least Gossip Girllike clothes. Instead all we got was American Apparel striped shirts, short shorts and fake Chanel bags. Yes, the show couldn't even get brands to lend them accessories so the stylists resorted to putting the cast (who are supposed to be super rich) in knock-offs. It's too bad because this show has the chance to be really popular and there are so many characters that could have quirky and style-setting wardrobes. Instead the clothes are boring with trends that are almost dead.

Gawker feels the same way I do.

I really want to give this show a chance because many shows, including Gossip Girl, didn't get any good until halfway through the season so I'm going to tune in again next week and hope for improvement. I only got excited when actor Ryan Eggold (who plays hunky teacher Ryan) appeared.
(Photos: The CW)

I'm sure that Chanel necklace and earrings are fake. If they have Naomi wearing a fake Chanel Cambon bag then the jewelry is faux too. And the jean top is so 90s.

Enough with the scarves already! I was hoping this show would be fashion-forward and now it will forever be stuck with bad trends. And that mini dress looks like a gust a wind could reveal more than I want to see.

Abercrombie or American Apparel? Doesn't matter. It's boring. Chuck would throw a fit.

This is their "club" wear. More long necklaces and mini skirts. How innovative.

Maybe this show does reflect reality; I remember seeing tons of girls in my high school wearing these awful dresses.

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Ondo Lady said...

Oh you did not like it? I actually thought the show was very entertaining. I loved Silver and Navid - Annie and Dixon were ok, a bit cliche. I think the parents are featured better here and have storylines of their own unlike poor Cindy and hubby who just reacted to the actions of their kids. Great to see Kelly and Brenda. I do think that the show would be so much cooler if it was about Silver and Navid with Annie and Dixon who are kind of generic.