Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall clothes and accessories I need now

I start my new job tomorrow which makes me think that I need wardrobe even though none of these people have seen any of my old clothes. It doesn't make sense and yet it entirely makes sense. New job, new look, right?

Black Leather Jacket

I ride on a motorcycle (on the back seat, naturally) but my riding jacket is only meant for the road; not for work. It's fitted with hard pads to help save my life. Not so comfortable. But a hot, black leather faux motorcycle jacket sans lifesaving pads will suit me just fine.

From Forever21

Blazer, long and cropped

From Zara

I'm obsessed with blazers, especially ones with some kind of crest or symbol on it. I have a blazer from Bebe that has a crest on it and I always get asked about it; whether it's vintage, whether I went to a private all-girls school (yes, a guy actually asked me that and then he asked me: "Are they all as hot as you?" That was a good day) and whether I got it at the Salvation Army. Blazers and crests are hot.

Skinny pants
From Bebe

I'm afraid of the skinny pant but this cigarette trouser has such amazing and flattering lines that I have to try it on.

Graphic tees

From TopShop

How can you not love this? It's Bat Girl!

Long vest

From Forever21

Again, crests are fraking hot. It reminds me of Ralph Lauren.

Tuxedo jacket
From TopShop

Not really feeling the snake skin but it's different.

Frilly blouse

From Forever21

Love the purple and the bow. Maybe I would wear the Bat Girl tee underneath for some giggles.


From Forever21

This cuff reminds me of ancient Egypt and all that gold the royals wore.

Exotic pump
From Bebe

This shoe will be perfect at L'Oreal Fashion Week. I can see all the editors of the fashion mags in this.


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