Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Simon Tham, model, went to my high school?

My friend just sent me this link and asked me if I remember him from our high school, Clarkson Secondary in Mississauga. At first I was said no, there is no way that anyone that good looking, with those abs could have come from our school. But then I remembered...wasn't he that puny little kid who looked like he was 10 years old? Well, he's not puny anymore as you can see. I never knew him personally, but I knew who he was, mostly because he was really small but cute. So you never know just who could grow up to be a model. I bet he can't wait for our high school reunion.

After a little research aka typing his name in Google, I found that he is represented by Sutherland Models and booked an Abercrombie and Fitch ad campaign shot by none other than Bruce Weber. You can see more chesty goodness here and here.
And he might be walking exclusively for Calvin Klein in the upcoming S/S 09 show.
Although I feel strange for looking at these photos because I still think of him as a kid. Shudder. I won't go there.

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Noelle said...

haha, coco rocha went to my high school, she was two years ahead of me.

i can't share the 'crazy who turns out to be beautiful' sentiment though because she was already a model by the time i got there.