Sunday, September 14, 2008

Shoes I want to get for L'Oreal Fashion Week

Next month L'Oreal Fashion Week is happening in Toronto and I'm already planning my wardrobe. October can be tricky because it could rain, it could be really cold but it could be warm too. The trick is layering so you can easily take something off and still look amazing.
But what I'm really worried about are the shoes. I don't have a good collection of footwear. I had a great pair of black open toe slingbacks but they broke. I have a gorgeous pair of open toe black pumps with a red sole but they ravage my feet. So that leaves me with my D'Orsay Manolo Blahniks but I think they're a little dressy.
I want shoes that are hip, comfortable (at least ones that won't tear the flesh off me) can be worn for day or night and will look good in a dress or in jeans.

Enter Nine West. They have such an amazing selection of shoes that look like they came off the runways of Paris. Well they are definitely imitations of designer shoes but not blatant copies so I can deal with that. Plus they are a fraction of the price.

Here are my picks for fashion week!

Dasolina platform

Purple and suede combined make for one sexy shoe. My God. I can picture this with a white bubble dress tied with a belt and a small clutch. It's a bit Victorian with the laces but the peep toe and the visible ankle make it hot.

Antonela platform

The dark burgundy is the real seller for me because it looks great in a shiny leather. But I also love the two straps with the buckle at the sides. Would look great with skinnies.

Lahdidah platform
I've seen so many people wear this style of shoe to New York Fashion Week and they always look hot. I love that only the toe is visible. It's more mysterious that the whole foot is covered. The heel is very architectural with those pointy angles.

Yung platform
It's a modern take on the gladiator crazy that has been going on the past season. It's more polished in the patent leather and not as Roman as the other knockoffs. More high fashion, less casual.

Jazid bootie

A bit of an update to that Victoriam bootie we've been seeing everywhere.

Undertoe bootie

I love the heel on this shoe.

Lecia slingback

Because everyone needs a classic black peeptoe slingback. I need a good replacement.


WendyB said...

Love that purple suede.

journo said...

I'm also thinking about my wardrobe. I think I'll be wearing a lot of black dresses with black tights. I do have a cute pair of booties, but I need something funky that I can walk and stand in. *sigh*