Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rachel Zoe's best and worst dressed clients

The Rachel Zoe Project, which I've talked about before, premieres on Bravo Tuesday, Sept. 9. Most of us don't really know that much about it except that she dressed Nicole Richie in sack dresses (the two had a falling out and don't speak now) and her list of clients include Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Mischa Barton and, most famously, Lindsay Lohan.
So while I am interested in the show and in learning more about Zoe's personal life, I feel that I should be focusing more on what she dresses her clients in, whether they be beautiful or God-awful.

So I compiled a few of the best and worst-dressed ZoeBots.

Best: Anne Hathaway

Take this, Miranda! Anne has made the transformation from a teen queen to a A-lister with clout and wants the world to know it. This Atelier Versace ball gown shows us that she is an important actress with style.

Worst: Debra Messing

Debra looks like a frumpy mess. Did she just get out of bed and fling on this bathrobe lying on the floor? She looks awkward and uncomfortable.

Best: Keira Knightley

Thank God we don't see Keira's ribs in this cute frock. It actually looks like she has a waist and curves. She looks young in this dress when normally she looks like a 40-year-old.

Worst: Joy Bryant

We feel that this Pucci dress would give someone a seizure. The cut of the outfit is not flattering on Joy's body. Show us some skin!

Best: Jennifer Garner

This black beauty is a show stopper. Usually stylists don't like to dress celebs in black because the colour doesn't photograph well but this one stands out because of it's shiny details and ruffled hemline. It's not the most memorable dress but it's a safe choice for the red carpet.

Worst: Cameron Diaz

This dress is more suitable for Miley Cyrus. It's too girly and cutesy for a mature woman like Cam to be wearing. Plus all that red makes her look like she has a fever.

Best: Mischa Barton

Maybe Zoe read the bad press Mischa has been getting about her supposed cellulite and decided the actress better cover up her bum. It works. The dress is flirty and cute and totally appropriate for a young celebrity. Plus the Louboutins are killer.

Worst: Nicole Richie

Although Richie is no longer a client of Zoe's, Nicole still dresses as if Zoe was still her stylist. She never deviates from wearing those sack dresses which try to hide her boniness. We get that maybe a tight-fitting dress wouldn't flatter Richie, but we're tired of seeing the same ugly dress everytime she leaves her house.

Best: Lindsay Lohan

Normally Lindsay dresses with her boobs hanging out but this outfit is elegant but the pleats and ruffles make it fun. And at least she is wearing a bra.

(Photos: Getty Images)


WendyB said...

Oh, I loved that Pucci dress!

Kanani said...

Nicole Richie falls into the category of hasn't done a damned thing to deserve any recognition. Hence, she could wear a sack ...a real one, and I wouldn't care.