Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gossip Girl aroused me last night

Did anyone watch Gossip Girl last night? Ok. The way Chuck seduced Blair- I wish he would do that to me. It was oh so hot that it was the sexiest scene between two people that didn't even involve sex or kissing. Hello, foreplay! I only had time to watch it once, but believe me when I get home, I'm going to shut my door, turn off the lights and watch it again. From my bed.
The best part is when Chuck begs Blair to have sex with him just once, while her boyfriend, the Lord of something or other was in a different room. Beg me, Chuck! Beg me!

That episode was one of the best I've seen- definitely the best so far this season. The chemistry between Chuck and Blair was intense. These guys deserve an Oscar. Or at least an Emmy. Whatever. They were hot and I wish I was Blair.


Chele Belle said...

The way he said BLOW OUT YOUR CANDLE using his real British accent...OMLG!!! Ed Westwick is too much!!!! I really did enjoy this and this episode just proved what I said after VICTOR,VICTORLA episode from season 1...Chuck and Blair are the real reason to watch this show...GG is C&B and everyone else is just holding down a spot.

John said...

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