Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My favorite models from New York Fashion Week

As I was looking through the looks of New York Fashion Week, my eye would keep looking at certain models that really stood out from the rest of the Eastern-European blond princesses.
Some of these girls are brand new, like Cato Van Ee, who is featured on Vogue's reality documentary, Model.Live, while others, like Jourdan Dunn, are rising stars.

I chose these girls not for their beauty, as some of them, like my favorite Amanda Laine, isn't your typical beautiful girl. Instead I chose them because they had personality; whether it be a sexy scowl, a hint of a wink in their eye or a fierce walk. All of these girls look different from the tidal wave of blue-eyed nymphs we've seen in seasons past and I hope casting agents choose girls with more unique looks in the coming Milan and Paris shows.

Amanda Laine
Amanda really stood out not only because she was in almost every show this season but because you can't help but notice her; with her dark hair, long jaw, small mouth; she always looks put out in her photos, which I love. She has that "I don't give a fuck" look.

Cato Van Ee
This is Cato's first season having come off a Prada exclusive last season. Cato does have the blond, blue-eyed waif look, but what makes her different from the others is her expression: it actually looks like she is present and enjoying her work, as compared to the other lifeless zombies we're so used to.

Kasia Struss
Kasia also walked a lot of shows this season so I kept picking up on her name on but I really like the shape of her eyes and her rosebud mouth.

Jourdan Dunn
Jourdan is on the brink of becoming a huge star. If you've seen her cover on this month's I-D magazine than you will know what I mean. She has sex appeal, a big, friendly personality, and she's drop-dead gorgeous. I just can't stop staring at her.

Ali Michael
I was hoping that Ali would have booked more shows since being shipped home from Paris last season after being told her legs were too fat, but unfortunately, Ali only booked seven. Seven is a respectable number but Ali had a much better season in New York last year, before all of the hullabaloo about her weight. I wonder if casting agents still find her "too fat" to walk the runway? Or perhaps designers didn't like the fact that she talked to Teen Vogue about the pressure to be thin in the modeling business. I hope she does better in Milan and Paris.

I think she looks stunning. Her long, dark hair, those beautiful blue eyes are hypnotizing and her body looks incredible.

Abbey Lee
I first noticed Abbey in those Express ads and then I saw her wobble and fall down at Rodarte (pictured here.) But I didn't feel sorry for her because she booked so many shows this season and looked killer. She has this cute cherubic face with these intense eyes that look like they will shoot laser beams at you.

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