Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Model.Live episode 5 and 6 recap

Episode 6

Episode 5

The girls are in New York for fashion week and are dispatched to go on a whirlwind of castings. Most of the time the girls are just waiting in line behind dozens of other pretty, gazelle-like 15-year-olds so I understand when they get discouraged and lose confidence.
Madeline is convinced after a casting that she won't get hired because the casting agents didn't take her picture or have her try own clothes. The poor girl looks so dejected and tired. Maybe modeling can be hard after all?
Cato seems to fit right in and Austria is the only girl who brings her mother along. The funniest moment is when Austria, who still is a bit weak at English, tries to make a conversation with Cato. She asks Cato in halting (but sweet) English whether her mother is staying with her. Cato says no, that she's renting an apartment by herself and Austria looks at her as if she's not wearing any panties.
In the end, the girls end up going to more than 30 castings in only a few days. Cato books nine shows (including Marc by Marc Jacobs) and Madeline and Austria each book a respective seven. A pretty good season for these newcomers, when agents usually only book one or two new models for a show.

Next up: London, baby, yeah!

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