Friday, September 19, 2008

Model.Live episode 7 recap

On this episode of Model.Live, the girls are headed straight to London for Fashion Week, with barely enough time to recuperate from the New York shows. Did I say "the girls"? Well only two of them made it into the UK. Madeline isn't allowed to board the plane when it's discovered that her work visa isn't stamped. She tells her agency that she kept the visa in a safe place because that's what the instructions said. She didn't know that she was supposed to get it stamped. I feel for her. Why didn't IMG tell her? Why didn't anyone tell her? The guy at the agency gets defensive and puts the blame on her saying: "You traveled all over the world..." as if she should have known better. And she's paying them too. I shake my head.

But for Cato and Austra, the show(s) must go on! Both girls seem exhausted. Austria spends most of her time sleeping in the car that's supposed to take her to castings but the driver gets them lost and she misses crucial casting opportunities. No one, not even her mother agent seems to know where they are supposed to be going, and he makes Austria take down instructions even though the girl struggles with English.

Cato shows her weariness by lashing out at the camera, telling them not to film her as she freaks out about how much work she has to do in a day.

In the end, it's worth it. Cato walks for 10 shows and Austria does three. But their agency says this is just the beginning for the girls. There's still Milan and then Paris. Let's hope the girls can stay awake long enough.

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