Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New York Fashion Week S/S 09: Marc Jacobs

What I would like to know is who is the model who opened Marc's show? I love that she looked so quirky and well, old. She fit perfectly with the kooky collection- a mish-mash of Victorian skirts and jackets, , multi-coloured sashes, granny vests, Brideshead Revisited hats and tons of big accessories from massive bangles to wacky necklaces.

Jacobs is known to like to mess things up and to destroy conventional beauty and femininity and this collection shows this philisophy perfectly.

But one of the biggest attractions of the collection was the crazy colours; colours you would normally find hideous but when Jacobs puts them together, they make sense.

The clothes came from different eras; Victorian, the 1960s and from different continents; Asia and Europe.
How wonderful to be able to put together this collage of inspirations and make it beautiful and wearable.

Here are my favorite looks:

(Photos: Style.com)


WendyB said...

Of course this is the show I didn't go to and it looks like the one I'd like the most!

kpriss said...

I forgot the name of the opening model. It seems that Marc handpicked her especially for this show, especially for this opening! And he had a great eye - she's the spirit of this collection.

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