Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Hills Season 4 ep.3 recap

On this week's dose of reality....

- Whitney tells Lauren that she's going to New York City to do work for People's Revolution. You can see the jealousy in Lauren's eyes when she says "Pack lots of luck" and smiles. Maybe she's jealous that Whitney is getting her own spin-off show, tossing Lauren aside like smelly designer clothes.

- Lauren makes a weird face (see photo) when Whitney mentions Doug. Finally she sees what we've all been smart enough to face: Doug is dumb. But Lauren, never make that face again. It scares me.

- Whitney gives great...no I can't. She gives really awful, TV-stereotype advice to Lauren on how to break up with Doug. "It's not you, it's me." Really? That's all the MTV writers could come up with? And were Lauren and Doug even dating? I thought they hung out a couple times and reminisced about high school. If that's dating now then I'm really out of touch. 

- Spencer disowns Stephanie, his Lauren-loving sister. Evil quota filled.

- The People's Revolution office in NYC is so much hipper than the dump they have in L.A. Cue shots of" typical" New Yorkers wearing all black and skinny jeans with towering heels.

- Kelly Cutrone blasts Whitney for being late the minute she steps inside. I actually cowered in my seat. Poor Whitney looked scared shitless and stammered cute excuses. But Kelly makes it up to her when she tells Whitney to get to work. Work being telling male models to take off their clothes.

- Whitney keeps exhaling heavily while she's surrounded by all the men. I bet she hasn't talked to a guy since the show started. But I would be hperventilating too if I were surrounded by ab-alicious men.

- Kelly Cutrone is awesome because she tries to hook Whitney up with a hot model. I like her more and more each episodes.

- The Devil doth speaketh: "The day I'll be friends with Stephanie again is the day I'll be friends with Lauren Conrad." She-Devil gives him a sad face. Is Heidi starting to regret ditching Lauren? 
- Lauren and Brody go out to eat and they flirt with each other as usual but nothing happens. Except Brody jokes about seeing her naked which is funny when you see her scared reaction.

- Whitney meets up with Alex (hot model) and Kelly bails on them. Wow, no one saw that set up coming!

- You know things are bad for the show when a conversation between Lauren and Stephanie about whether Steph's pet is a guinea pig of a hamster takes up a whole minute of air time. I'll try to erase that scene from my mind. 

- Whitney gets back from New York and tells Lauren all about it not noticing the daggars in LC's eyes. Whitney gets the hot models, Lauren gets dumb Doug.

- Stephanie brings Spencer gifts (for treating her so bad?) and it's funny when Spencer smiles with actual happiness when he gets a book on the C.I.A. 

- Lauren "breaks up" with dumb Doug and surprisingly he gets all offensive saying "I treated you like a princess" and "this hit me like a ton of bricks." Did he just read the cliché dictionary? Maybe the camera crew at his house should have tipped him off that this was coming. Well he is dumb Doug after all.

- Lauren drives off in the sunset while Doug goes back to eating for one.

Till next week!

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Ondo Lady said...

Is it just me or is Lauren not as nice as she likes people to think she is. After watching the show I am convinced that she is just a drama queen who can only function when she is the centre of attention.