Saturday, September 6, 2008

New York Fashion Week: Rag & Bone

I don't know much about Rag & Bone designed by British duo David Neville and Marcus Wainwright but when I saw Sasha P looking very hot in lots of dark eyeliner, stringy hair and a black leather jacket then I had to know more.

Music is a huge influence on the designers' collections and their S/S 09 collection took cues from punk rock with lots of leather, zippers, studded belts, skinny ankle pants and slogan t-shirts.

All the models looked mean; if they had a guitar in hand, they would break it; if they had a mic in front of them, they would scream obscenities. I wish I could have been there.

There were also some mod-ish outfits with tight blazers, mini skirts, barely-there dresses and cool flowery prints.

Here are my favorite looks:

Doesn't he look like he wants to kill you? The only reason I'm not running away to save my life is his awesome metallic jacket and ankle pants. Did Katie Holmes start this trend?

I predict that exposed zippers on pants are the next hot trend. They are stylish, "punk" without looking like a wannabe and look great on skinny pants. It wouldn't look good on non-skinny girls though. Just sayin.... And suspenders need a comeback now!

I don't want to know how the model got inside these pants but the effect is ridiculously hot. She looks like she just doesn't give a fuck.

This is way better than all the ill-fitted suits I see walking up Bay Street. This look is hot without being inappropriate. I love that ties are making a comeback but in a Avril Lavigne way.

Freja looks smoking sexy in that sheer black blouse and metallic cropped pants.

Coco! Metallic blue takes a lot of guts to wear, especially if the colour is on most of your outfit.

Lily looks ready to rock out. She would be the hottest groupie.

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