Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rachel Zoe Project Ep.2: The flood!

This episode lived up to that greatness that was the first. We have a flood which caused hundred-thousand dollar dresses to be damaged, we have a fitting scheduled but a flight with options stuck in Tennessee, we have a sick Taylor and a harassed Brad. I new knew how chaotic it can be for stylists and their minions.
It's funny how Zoe represents the extreme superficiality in all of us girls. She wants to buy new furniture for a photo shoot a magazine is doing of her house, even though she just bought furniture two years ago. She redecorates an entire space with Fendi's home line Club House Italia (think $13,000 couches and alligator closets) because she's "bored" of her "old" furniture. Materialistic? Yes. Shallow? Yes. But damn it's fun to watch this woman shop.
Next week we get to see her go ape shit at Fashion Week. I can't wait!


Anthea said...

Love your blog! I haven't watched the Rachel Zoe project but it looks good! Will you be attending Loreal Fashion Week in Toronto??

Chloe Tejada said...

Hey there! Yeah I will be going to L'Oreal Fashion Week, I went last season and it was amazing so I can't wait to go again!