Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Evil Prada shoes hurt models

At the Prada show, two models fell right down on the runway and several of them stumbled. The cause? Sky high heels.
The Telegraph says:

“I was having a panic attack, my hands were shaking. The heels were so high,” one of the models said. “Some of the girls were crying backstage they were so scared.”

As the video pans up, you see one of models' foot wobbling and then she crashes to the ground. Instead of trying to walk in them again, she carries them in her hands and still looks hot.

You can that several of the models are having trouble walking' their knees shake a bit and their feet look unsteady. I applaud these girls for risking injury to themselves. Well, not like they had a choice. But still. Modeling is dangerous work!

During the finale walk, another girl falls to the ground and instead of completing the walk, she turns around and goes backstage.

Click here to see the video of a model falling during the finale.

Check out the video to see the first model fall:


WendyB said...

Not a good advertisement for the brand!

Anonymous said...

oh that is an evil shoes, indeed!