Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bag review: Prada Fairy Tessuto tote

So last week I hit BIN and bought a Prada Fairy bag off EBay and I just received it last Thursday. I have to say that any bag that I can survive a trip to my cottage is a keeper. It's made of nylon so it's super-sturdy and dirt can wipe off it easily. Now normally I'm a leather gal, but this bag still makes me swoon with its leather trim and leather woven chain straps. I'm the kind of woman who carries her life in her bags and this bag has proven to carry everything with room left over. The inside is black printed lining with two large pockets and a snap closure so you can't see any dirt. When I took it to my cottage on the weekend, it fit a large towel, jeans, a few tees, toiletries, three magazines and a Batman comic book.
But the best part of the bag are the fairies; they are so ethereal and haunting. The pop of red and brown stand out against the white background, you can't help but stare at it.
My only grip with this bag is that the handles squeak because the leather grinds against the chain so it's a bit annoying. But if that's the only flaw that this bag has, then I'm hooked.


Karinna B. said...

Chloe!!! that is hot, hot, hot!!! Love the bag and your dress!!!! You look fab!

s. said...

Chloe, this is gorgeous!

Anonymous said... it is gorgeous! <3 ahhh. lucky. lucky gal!