Friday, August 15, 2008

What to wear to a job interview

(Banana Republic)

A friend of mine had a job interview yesterday at a large online media company. She hasn't been to an interview since last year and her wardrobe has significantly improved since then. But she had a conundrum: What to wear?
I think that no matter what you wear, black and a little modesty (as in no cleavage, no short skirts, no pancake makeup) goes a long way.
But that doesn't mean you have to be boring. The days of the 90s powersuit are gone; instead, wear a fitted blazer with a ruffled blouse and pair it with either a chic pencil skirt or wide pants. As for accessories, keep them to a minimum because you don't want to be a showoff, especially if the office is not run by a fashion magazine. I find most officewear boring; most women wear jeans or an ill-fitted knee length skirt along with jacket that is most often too large and in some ugly pastel colour. Don't be that person.
Back to accessories. Keep it to a maximum of two pieces, you don't want to overdo it. For example: A cotton, buttoned-up black dress could go well with a scarf tied around the neck and a bracelet that has a pop of colour. Or you could wear just a long necklace and leave your wrists bare for maximum effect.
If you are wearing a dress, make sure there are sleeves and an a-line bust. You don't want to make it look like you are trying to win the job with your sexual prowess. Also keep the skirt to knee length or lower. If you are thinking about matching underwear, then you know your skirt is too short.
If you want to wear a uniform, please keep the padded shoulder pads in your closet and file it away under "mistakes."
Don't be afraid of a little colour but don't go crazy with prints. If you are wearing a printed skirt, go with a solid blouse or shirt and jacket. If you want an exotic shirt, it goes the same for the pants or skirt. And don't forget to wear a belt in a strong colour such as purple or yellow.

As for shoes it's heels all the way, baby. A solid black pump can do wonders. It can make you more confident because you are taller and your butt and legs look killer. Don't wear stilettos; you're not trying to get into Circa. And please, for the love of God, don't wear sandals or flats. I know they are so in and comfortable, but this is a job interview folks, not a trip to the mall. Bring out the flats after you get the job. If your clothes are neutral colours, then you can wear a printed shoe. Leopard is a great print on a heel.
If you're a bag lady like myself, don't wear anything with logos because it's too showy and the interviewer could think that you have so much money you don't even need the job. A black or brown leather tote should do the trick. It says that you are serious and you don't need to be flashy.

My friend ended up wearing a button-up black dress, a white printed scarf around the neck and black peep-toe slingbacks. She's supposed to find out next week if she gets the job offer. Fingers crossed!

Cole Haan pump
Nine West slingback

Coach leather satchel

Chanel blazer

Banana Republic

Banana Republic
Jacob fitted dress

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