Friday, August 15, 2008

Run to The Hills!

To celebrate the Season 4 premier of The Hills on Monday, I've compiled a bunch of photos of Lauren and Heidi wearing their trashiest outfits while out posing for the paps, ahem, I mean "shopping." Audrina is exempt because she usually wears pretty cool clothes (I love the leathers) and Whitney i exempt because...well she never gets photographed. And Lo is a robot.

Boobalicious. This dress belongs in a wannabe Studio 54.

Is Heidiwood the town where all hideous clothes go to die? She looks like she should be pole dancing at the Cheetah with Nomi.

Not sure which is worse: The hair that looks like it's going to Prom or the crinkly costume that I wore in 4th grade.

Lauren isn't much better but at least she covers up her junk. Except you shouldn't be this covered up at the beach unless you are Michael Jackson.

I think I wore this top to a Much Music Video Dance when I was in high school.

She could be Rachel Zoe's prettier twin sister.


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