Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The next America's Next Top Model?

The Vogue produced web reality show, Model.Live follows three IMG Models - Austria Alcantara, 16, of the Dominican Republic, Cato van Ee, 19, of Amsterdam and Madeline Kragh, 20, of North Carolina - as they try to become the next Kate Moss. Viewers will follow the girls to castings, fittings and the runway and will even get the chance to interact with them.

Viewers can log on to Model.Live Channel Profile and connect with the models through their profiles. Viewers can also leave comments or submit questions to the girls and purchase clothes and accessories featured in the show.

The series officially starts on August 22, with a new episode launching every Friday over the next 12 weeks. The drama begins in New York City with NY Fashion Week and continues throughout fashion week in London, Milan and Paris.

So far the show lacks all the drama and cheesiness that made America's Next Top Model fun to watch. We see the girls' agents at a "strategy session" which is nothing more than your everyday business meeting- boring! The girls themselves are sweet and innocent-looking; you won't see any trannies here!
I hope the next episodes have more drama or else I'm afraid people will lose interest.

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