Friday, August 8, 2008

Cottage life

I'm going up to my cottage today for a long weekend and of course I have over packed even though I am only staying for three nights. A girl can't have too many outfits! The problem is- I have too many bags and they probably won't fit in my boyfriend's really small car, along with my sister and all her over packed bags and all the food.
This is what I have so far: Prada Fairy tote, Louis Vuitton Mini Lin Ebene Speedy, Louis Vuitton Watercolour Speedy 35, a large straw woven beach tote and a packback. Too much, right?
So I started trolling the Internet to find the perfect weekend bag. Because even I can admit that four bags plus a backpack is a bit ridiculous.

Louis Vuitton Monogramouflage Keepall 55
The Keepall is the perfect bag to stash your clothes, bathing suit, towel, bath stuff and all the extra entertainment you need for a couple of days away from the office. I love the camouflage and the sturdy canvas that LV makes. It can definitely take a beating.

Any Lululemon or TNA bag
Yes they are supposed to be gym/yoga bags but no one uses them for that anyway. They are massive and therefore perfect for a weekend trip. However I would choose a Lululemon bag over TNA because it has a bunch of pockets for a waterbottle, toiletries and for wet/sweaty clothes.

Prada Carry-on
Prada nylon cases and bags are known for their durability; they can withstand all the elements. And why not get it in a fun animal print?

Mulberry Hold-all
Known for its simple but classic design, the Mulberry Hold-all will certainly, urm, hold it all. The leather is sturdy and well-made and it will hold up even during a bear attack.

Well, I'm off to the cottage! Hopefully everything will fit in the car. Be back Monday!

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