Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Karlie Kloss is now my favorite model. Sorry Coco!

Ok I lied. No one can top Coco Rocha but Karlie is definitely in my top five. The girl is only 16 (!!!) and can take fierce photographs. Her eyes are so intense I feel like she could knock me down with her death stare. I want her to smile more though- she is so cute when she smiles. I think if she keeps going, she could be the next Kate Moss. She really has a unique face, she's not trendy or outspoken- she does her job very well and doesn't get into trouble. When Kate started out she was this little quiet girl who had a quirky and innocent face. She wasn't like the Supers who prowled down the runway and were always in the tabloids. Kate learned how to model well and she didn't overshadow the clothes but you always noticed her. I think Karlie has some of the same characteristics- she's sweet, she is a natural at modeling and she doesn't want fame; she just want to do the job right and go home.
I can't wait to see what she does when she's in her twenties.


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