Thursday, August 21, 2008

Riding boots: Can you wear them over non-skinny pants?

I've been thinking about getting riding boots for a long because a) I love the classic style b) They won't hurt me as much as high-heeled boots and c) I like to pretend that I'm an equestrian champion.
Hermes riding boots are the crème de la crème but I won't shell out $2000 for boots, even if they are Hermes. That said, they are plenty of other riding boots that are still hot.
My dilemma is that since I don't wear skinny pants I am not sure whether I can pull of wearing riding boots and flared pants. I don't like it when I see women stuffing their jeans into their boots, and the result looks messy and unkempt. I don't want that. I like the clean lines of a skinny pant sliding effortlessly into a boot. But since I won't wear skinny pants, that may be difficult. But Hermes does give me some hope, as models from the S/S 08 collection wore jodhpurs and loose-fitting pants with their riding boots.

Ok so I know I'm not a model but I think I could pull this off as long as the pants are bunched up at the top of the boots. But they can also be worn with leggings or tights. Too bad I don't wear either.

Here are some riding boots that make me want to jump on a horse:

Coach Whitley Boot

Coach Winslow Boot

Tory Burch boot
Bottega Veneta boot

What do you think? Can riding boots be worn with non-skinny pants?


Karinna B. said...

OMG, I love all of them, especially the Coach Winslow. I love this look and I don't mind wearing skinny jeans. :D

journo said...

You can try a pair of 'baby boot cut' jeans. I got a pair from Earnest Sewn and I'm going to try tucking into my grey suede flat boots.

Oh, check out Nine West. They usually do a good facsimile of a riding boots.

Tory Burch is also ridiculously comfortable. I've got her flats and her wedges. said...

I totally agree with the article.