Monday, August 18, 2008

Sex and the City maxi dress mystery solved

If you've seen the SATC movie, you may remember a beautiful yellow, white, blue and red bandage maxi dress that Carrie wore in Mexico, when she tossed her Swarovski-encrusted cellphone into the water.
I fell in love with that dress and promptly bought the SATC: The Movie book to find out who designed it. At the back of the book there is an index of all the clothes and accessories worn in the movie and who designs them. It says that the dress is designed by "Moose Kinney." I Googled the so-called designer and came up with nothing. Luckily, being the great researcher that I am (heh) I knew all the right keywords to search with. I typed in "sex and the city movie maxi dress" and the first link lead me right to the source. Turns out this "Moose Kinney" didn't design the dress, Mooka Kinney did.
The label is designed by 20-something New Yorkers Rachel Antonoff and Alison Lewis who use fairy tales, winged ponies and other imaginative delights to inspire their collection of dresses.
Carrie's dress is actually called the "Flag Dress" in the Spring 2006 collection where there is also the "Narnia Dress," the "Swan Dress" and the "Wallpaper Dress."
The dresses are very youthful with lots of bold prints and colours. No wonder Pat Field thought they would look great on Carrie.

(Photos: Mooka Kinney)

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Your're right about that dress. I bought one about a month ago from Rachel when I found the dress on She said they were almost sold out but I love their other stuff too!