Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dreaming of faeries

Ever since I became obsessed with Prada's S/S 08 fairy collection, I've become entranced by fairies. So much so that I've seriously been thinking about getting a fairy tattoo. My co-workers say it's lame, my cousin (who has at least a dozen tattoos) says to do it. I think I should wait at least a year and see if I still like the idea, but right now, if I were walking by a tattoo parlour, I would drop in and get inked.
But there are so many beautiful fairy designs out there so it's going to be hard to pick one that I would love for eternity. Which is why I ordered the book Fairie-ality" The Fashion Collection From the House of Ellwand.
Here is a description of the book on

In the fairie world, there is only one top designer of couture and accessories . . .

Prepare to be enchanted! While humans go about their workaday lives, there is a secret world of well-dressed fairies flitting about in fragile fashions that would take your breath away - if only you could see them. Well, now you can. For the first time ever, elusive fairie couturier Ellwand allows mortals a peek at his ethereal designs in FAIRIE-ALITY, a catalogue so spectacularly crafted it befits a fairie queen herself. Showcased are nearly 150 creations - including dresses, jackets, trousers, shoes, hats, and delicate unmentionables - fashioned wholly from feathers, flower petals, shells, seeds, and other materials from nature. Consider these special features:

Extraordinary production elements, including three specially selected paper stocks; metallic inks; fold-out booklets; vellum envelope with removable fashion card; and numerous half-, third-, and quarter-pages, notably to showcase garments for a playful mix & match, offering dozens of outfits to create.

Filled with authentic fairie lore that will lure fairie lovers by the legion, this superbly designed volume also offers many clever nods to human fashion history. Its fun, fanciful costume descriptions will amuse the fashion-savvy everywhere, while the stunning array of fashions themselves - a veritable dress-up dream - will leave readers of all ages spellbound.

Here are some images from the book:

Although Summer is almost over (sad!) there is still time to dress like an enchanted nymph.

Nina Ricci S/S 08 marched a disheveled wood elves down the runway with whimsical dresses and feathered hair accessories.

Erin Fetherston's S/S 08 models also wore feathers and shimmery silk dresses as if they were ice fairies or angels.

Alexander McQueen's models were dark, gothic fairies with black, sparkly wings.

Prada of course had the most obvious fairy inspiration with James Jean drawings of sensual nymphs and sprites on sheer silk tunics and chiffon dresses.

Here are my fairy inspirations:

Think any of these would be good for a tattoo?

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