Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Hills recap

On last night's episode of The Hills...

- She-Pratt is making a comeback! It's time for yet another drama-infested birthday party and She-Pratt swears to Lauren that the Devil (He-Pratt) and Lady Devil won't be there. Uh huh. Right. We all saw the preview!

- Lauren tells Stephanie that she has a new boy (boring surfer dude) and Stephanie immediately begins scheming how she can ruin Lauren's chances and get Doug to herself. She doesn't say this out loud but the "He's an athlete? That's my favorite kind of guy" speech hints that she is all over that.

- Doug, the boring surfer dude reveals more in his face than he should when he tells Lauren "love the white (of your dress) and then grimaces. It's unintentionally hilarious. Maybe I can like this guy if he keeps the funny facial expressions up.

- Spencer tells Heidi that he won't go to Stephanie's birthday party but we all know that he really wants to go, if only to make better TV full of drama. So of course they go.

- We're at the party in some new club with Lauren, Lo, Heidi, Spencer...I'm feeling a sense of déjà vu. Oh I know where I've seen this before, in the preview!

- Lo makes bitchy faces to Audrina and Audrina promptly leaves. You go girl!

- At a People's Revolution dinner, poor employee Jessica looks miserable. It's because Kelly Cutrone keeps picking on her and telling her she can't do anything right. Kelly is like the harbinger of death and she looks like it too with the black bags under her eyes and the greasy, stringy hair. But she still rocks. Whitney just opens her mouth a little and looks surprised the whole time.

- Back at the "party" and I put the quotes around party because this is the worst party I have ever seen. Everyone hates everyone else, Lo keeps rolling her eyes, Audrina stares at Lo, Lauren ignores the tension and Spencer says "can you get these obnoxious chicks away?" to Stephanie about Lauren and Lo. Then everyone leaves.

- Brody makes an appearance for two seconds. His hotness was the highlight of the show.

- Poor employee Jessica gets fired (we saw this coming last season) and Whitney takes her place. But Whit-Whit looks sad because Kelly Cutrone tells her she won't have a life. What, no more shopping Whitney? I wonder what role Lauren will play now.

- Lauren gives Stephanie the best death stare at school after the party. How can she trust She-Pratt when she said Devil and Lady Devil wouldn't be at her party? It's true, L.C. You really can't trust anyone, even the people you are only friends with for television's sake.

Tune in next week!

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