Friday, August 22, 2008

Model.Live episode 2 recap

On this week's Model.Live:

"I know Cato has a special talent but I don't front of the cameras she does something different. I'm just worried about her becoming too famous." - Cato's mother.

The episode is all about the beautiful Cato, who is saying goodbye to her friends, her pizza-loving parents and her oh-so-sweet boyfriend, before she heads off to cynical New York and the evil agents who will make her a star. Her family is hesitant about this career move which is understandable seeing as how modes have been making the news lately what with all the anorexic deaths, murders and tales of torture. But who cares about that, she could be the next Gisele!

But her mom and dad bemoan the fact that their precious, naive Cato is entering a superficial profession that only cares about appearances. Well, they are right. But hey, she's not an idiot! Cato's sister makes sure we know that "she finished the highest level of education in Holland." You mean high school? And then she goes on to say something weird: "Actually they say that beautiful people are smarter because like, everything is more symmetric, even their brains." I guess Cato got all the beauty and the brains out of the two sisters.

I'm still waiting for the drama though. Where are the tears when Cato is forced to fly to another continent away from her boyfriend, Simon? Where is the tension between her and her model-hating parents?

Only near the end is there hope, when Cato says that Simon can trust that she won't cheat on him or do drugs. A premonition for what will come in the future? I hope so.

Watch the first episode here.

Update: COACD has IMG's show card of Cato

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