Friday, August 15, 2008

Holy Jesus! Comme des Garcons and H&M

Got these photos from
Before I get into my reaction to the clothes, I just want to know: Who is that sexy male model? love that mean stare he's got going on. Rawr!
I'm not crazy about the female model- her wig makes her look like a crazy Anna Wintour. But Rei Kawabuko was never into being conventional so I guess it works.
The line itself is unconventional with deconstructed jackets and shirts, large polka dots, slashes of bright colours, Lolita-esque dresses and oddly-shaped trousers (how do you describe pants that have a large piece of fabric hanging over them?)
I think that anybody who buys these clothes have to love a challenge and aren't afraid of standing out against all the simple, streamlined looks most people wear in the Fall/Winter.
I am curious to see how this line will sell compared to former collaborations. The Roberto Cavalli line was a smash because everyone loves those trashy leopard prints and Lagerfeld's chic blouses are a staple wardrobe item. Kawabuko's clothes aren't for the faint of heart.


Lexie H said...

Normally I am in LOVE with Comme des Garcons, but this collection is just mediocre to me. But it definitely has it's high points. Love the blog too!

s. said...

ah! i was JUST posting about this! although, I am sure we have very different blog viewers, so I'll post my draft anyways :)

much love!