Monday, August 25, 2008

New York Fashion Week show cards

Can you believe that New York Fashion Week is only a week away? I cannot wait to pore over the runway photos, behind-the-scenes interviews and catty gossip straight from designers' mouths. has all the show cards from the big agencies hoping to get their girls (newbies and vets) into the best shows. The cards are very important for new models who need to make a good first impression. If they don't get into New York shows it will be hard for them to continue into the London, Milan and Paris shows, so these show cards better be hot.
I've already posted a bunch of show cards from Marilyn so here are my picks from the other agencies.

From Supreme
She looks like an Earth goddess. I want to frolic about in the mud with her and then walk our dirty selves down the runway in a sarong.


This photo reminds me of a John William Waterhouse painting and Amanda is the Lady of Shalott, waiting for her death.

Big, beautiful eyes that can look into your soul.

Inna looks playful and coy in this photo. It makes me want to get to know what's behind that hair. I can definitely see her in Marc Jacobs.

From Elite

Coco Rocha
Coco always rocks my world. Just look at that mouth. God.

Damaris Lewis
Damaris is gorgeous and has legs that go on forever. I would kill for her legs. And her face.

From Trump
Court Baker
Court looks like she came from an high-class family circa Pride and Prejudice time. Those arched eyebrows, the long nose remind me of royalty.

Ataui Deng
Look at those thighs. She could compete in the Olympics with those babies.

Siri Tollerod

Pure, mad fantasy. She could be Richard III gone crazy. For fashion that is!

From Next

Sigh. That face is perfect. She gives Angelina Jolie a run for her money.

Karlie Kloss
Karlie has the best death stare on the runway and the girl can pose.

Shu Pei
I love how quirky and street Shu looks. Am curious to see how she would manage in haute couture.

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