Thursday, August 28, 2008

One flew over the cuckoo's nest and other vintage jewelry

I love costume jewelry so much that I feel naked if I don't wear a necklace or a bracelet. I have bought most of my jewelry from a friend that went to Ryerson with me and others were gifts.
I especially love super long necklaces with beads or precious stones in all sorts of colours like purple, green and copper. And I like bracelets that jingle. But one of my unexplored jewelry realms are ones with charms or figurines on them. I used to think that these were a bit childish but I've discovered a bunch of vintage jewelry with really beautiful charms.
One UK EBay seller in particular sells great pieces as well as vintage clothes. Here are some pieces that I am itching to bid on.

Topshop Cuckoo clock pendant
I would love to wear this with a long, flowing dress or shirt. It would be cool if it actually told the time because I never wear a watch.

Mixed vintage necklaces
Look at that crazy owl! The eyes along do it for me. I love the idea of a freaky owl staring out at people. The key charm also intrigues me; I've always loved the idea of a mysterious key that opens an even more mysterious drawer or closet like a Nancy Drew mystery.

Antique silver cow jumped over the moon charms
It's my favorite childhood tale and these charms are just too cute. I would put them on a bracelet or use them as pendants on a jacket or shirt.

Links of London Sweetie bracelet with starfish charm
I like the shape of starfish; probably because I like stars and anything that has to do with space and our universe. There's something soothing about this piece that appeals to me.

Christian Dior Bow bracelet
Who doesn't love vintage Dior? It's so classic and pretty.

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DaisyChain said...

I have the cockoo clock necklace, it's great, though I really do wish it told the time.