Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dissecting the clothing of the cast of Gossip Girl

The premiere of my favorite guilty pleasure show is premiering on Monday and part of the cast turned up for a party in their honour (and of course to promote the sponsors.)
But the arguable two most stylish people in the cast were missing! Blake Lively and Ed Westwick didn't attend, much to my inner fashion critic's disappointment. I was hoping Ed would show up in a grungy rock t-shirt, skinny jeans and a top hat. Alas, no luck. Or maybe Blake would channel some Serena with painted-on jeans, a fringe bag, long necklaces and a sparkly blazer. Oh well. I guess she was too busy making out with Dan.
Some good people did show up though, including Blair, I mean Leighton Meester, Taylor Momsen (little Jenny Humphrey), Jessica Szohr (super hot Vanessa) and the rest of Blair's posse. The adults who came included hottest dad ever, Matthew Settle (Rufus) and Kelly Rutherford (Lily.)

So now, let me dissect what their stylists, urm, they chose to wear!

Leighton Meester
Although the colour looks nice on her, I am bored by the outfit. It's just so...plain and simple. Although I guess I should be thankful that her cleavage isn't in our face. At least she is dressing appropriately but it's not exciting. And that hair. It looks like she just combed it a few times, tried to put some product in it and gave up after getting tired. Blair would not approve. Next!

Taylor Momsen
First of all, why is she standing like a Mme. Trussard's wax figure? Honey, you really have to learn how to pose or else no one will even notice what you are wearing. Although I do dig the rocker chick look I think Taylor is going a bit overboard and looks a bit like a groupie. She's only 14 (15?) and looks like she's 30. Tone down the makeup, keep the jacket, lose the necklace and wear some colour.

Jessica Szohr
Yum! Jessica looks like a temptress but the belt on her cute dress reminds me of the Princess of Power. "For the honour of Greyskull...I am SHE-RA!"

Dreama Walker
I love this outfit, even the weird feather vest. The dress is flirty and stylish. The belt gives her a nice, small waist and I like how the dress puffs out a bit. Why can't they wear more clothes like this on the show?

Amanda Setton
She looks a little uncomfortable in the dress; probably because it's made for someone who is at least 10 years older than her. Where's the fun? I get it- she was going for "elegance" but it just turned out awkward. It does nothing for her figure and she looks stiff.

Nicole Fiscella
Even though I am so over those Hervé Leger bandage dresses, I admit that Nicole looks smoking hot. So why does she look so miserable? Maybe she's hungry. Look at those skinny legs!

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love your commentary on each celeb! =) i totally agree with taylor momsen...her pose is a bit wax-figurine esque!

i absolutely love leighton meester!

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