Friday, August 1, 2008

August Italian where are the black models?

The fashion world went crazy last month with the arrival of Italian Vogue's "Black issue" which featured solely black models in the editorials. Alas, it seems that this is only a fad, as the August issue doesn't feature a single black model in the photos!

The theme of the issue is a tribute to the late Yves Saint Laurent, and the models are supposed to be at his funeral. Although the photos are beautiful (shot in black and white by Steven Meisel) it would have been fitting to feature black models since Mon. Laurent was one of the first designers who used many black models in his shows.

So was the July issue made just to cause controversy and therefore make a lot of money from the hype? I hope not. And I hope that Italian Vogue continues to use Black models in its issues and encourage other mags to do so.

(Photos: The Fashion Spot)

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s. said...

this is a beautiful spread.
but i agree with you, i do hope that the inclusion of black models continues and the july issue wasn't just a fad.