Friday, August 29, 2008

Model.Live episode 3 &4 recap

We got a double dose of Model.Live today! Unless I somehow missed an episode so there was only one new one today...erm...nevermind!

Episode 3 recap:

- We meet Madeline, the "pixie" of the new girls. All girls with short hair are now "pixies."
- Madeline tells us her story really quickly: She got scouted, quit her job, sold her car and promptly moved to Athens from Arizona without giving a thought to her family and friends. This girl wants it!
- She tells us about her new boyfriend, Jimmy. "He's my first love," she says. How sweet. Naive, but sweet. Jimmy is obviously on Cloud Nine that he managed to bag a model girlfriend. "Hopefully she will listen to me sometimes...hopefully we can keep her in check," he says about her. Hilarious!
- When Madeline talks, shes talks really quickly and jumps from topic to topic. It seems like she's high on something. Maybe it actually is excitement.
- She goes for final casting in Sydney, three days before she leaves for New York. Her agent says the designer is "looking for pixie girls." Perfect! Thank God for that short haircut.
- The designer looks bored as he flips through her lookbook and Madeleine just looks nervous and stares at the floor.
- Jimmy and her agent talk about how hard modeling is. Ok we get it. Modeling is hard! They have to walk a lot and go to a lot of appointments and get criticized. But I still wish I had that job.
- Apparently, Madeline was a nobody a year ago, according to her agent. "Now she's Madeline.Model" And now she can die happy!
- She says she will miss a lot of things. Including her couch. And her typewriter. Where is Jimmy in all this?
- At the end, the credits tell us she booked the Chronicles of Never sunglasses shot. The what now?

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Episode 4 recap

- In this episode we meet Austria, who lives in the Dominican Republic and looks like she's 12 years old.
- It's funny how they use subtitles while she speaks perfect English. Her accent isn't that hard to understand!
- Best quote ever: "She has the height but isn't she strange?" says her agent, from Socrates.
- Austria has a "Sweet 16" birthday party before she leaves for New York. Her and her mom get a yummy looking cake. Is she allowed to eat that?
- Her mother says she wants Austria to be a model because she wanted to be one when she was younger. Ahhh. Nothing like putting your shattered hopes and dreams on your 12-year-old spawn.
- Austria takes some icing off the cake, but doesn't eat the cake. She looks at it longingly. Poor girl. I'll eat the cake. But not after 4 p.m. Gotta watch those calories!
- Apparently Austria came from a "broken family" and has been raised solely by her mother.
- Wait, she's 16? Lies! I still say she's 12.
- I love how when she's bending over to blow out the candles on her cake, she tightens her top up so we don't see her "cleavage." I really want to know whether she ate any of the cake.
- It's actually really sweet and touching when you see her and her sister crying before she leaves. I hope New York doesn't make her too cynical and jaded. Oh, who am I kidding, I hope she transforms into a bitchy diva.
- As she drives off looking forlorn in the car, the voice over of her agent says: "in life there is always a price you have to pay." How ominous!

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