Monday, August 11, 2008

Vogue Sept. 2008 unfortunately has Keira on the cover

This is Keira Knightley's fourth US Vogue cover in three years and they still haven't managed to make her look good. I was hoping for someone a little more inspiring (Naomi, Jourdann, Natalia, Hell even Kate would do) on the all-important Sept. issue but this is the best they could get. Of course Keira is promoting another period-piece, The Duchess. Does this woman every act in movies that take place in the 21st century? Also, I cannot think of a single outfit she has worn this year that has been memorable. When did Pirates 3 come out? Last summer? Can't remember what she wore. She has been non-existent since then. But you know what, thank your lucky stars they didn't go with Sienna Miller.
My main concern with this cover is her hair. The edges of her hair look really flat and are badly superimposed over the G and U; it reminds me of Winona Ryder's bad Photoshopped hair on her Vogue cover. The outfit is not worthy of the fabulousness of a Sept. cover. Out of all of the amazing clothes that came out for Fall 2006, this is what they put together. Large, patent belts are done.

A case of horrible Photoshopped hair.

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s. said...

fall clothes that come out for fall 2008! Not 2006! :)

But I agree, I don't think Kiera is worth the Sept cover and her wardrobe isn't Vogue worthy, to me.
I like seeing models on the covers of Vogue as oppossed to celebs anyways.