Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gossip Girl fashion glory

I cannot wait for the Gossip Girl Sept. 1 premiere. I watch and re-watch episodes of Season 1 every day because it helps pass the time and my GG obsession.
Anyways I found some new pics of the cast of GG on the set and thought I should share them with you, dear readers.
What do you guys think about the clothes? Are they still ridiculously fabulous or what?

(Photos: X17)

Is the scarf trend still in? In the middle of summer? Not sure if I like Blair's flat-ironed hair.

Wear can I get Chuck's shoes?

Yes! The bitches are back and they are carrying fabulous bags! But those headbands have got to go.

This just in: Flared jeans are back. Blame Little Jenny Humphrey.

Lily is still at Mrs. Waldorf's Moroccan-themed party.

Hangover aside, Serena's legs look perfect in her skinnies. I'm going to have to kill her.


Lisa said...

hi lady!

new here to the blog world. SO happy to have found you.

your writing + blog is brilliant.

I'm also Canadian ( woot woot!!!) But have been living in Cape Town for the past 3.5 years...

I also just started a blog!


have a wonderful wednesday.

Anonymous said...

aww. these outfits are not leaving me excited. i'm guessing this next season is going to be during the summer and what not because i see no tights! i loved their tights. =/ the fashion looks more laid back. blah. but, i do love serena's handbag! amazing!

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