Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Different ways to wear a scarf

Ever since I bought my first Hermes scarf a year ago, I've been obsessed with all the ways you can tie them on yourself. I really like mixing it up by wrapping them around my wrists as a bracelet or around my waist as a belt and tying them on the handles of my bags. But I also love the different ways you can tie them around your neck. I haven't worn my scarves much this summer because they make me too hot and I'm always pulling at them and inevitably they come apart. I also don't want sweat stains on them. Gross. But this week has been a bit cooler in the city so I'm busting them out of their boxes.
Here are some of the different ways I tie my scarves with my Coach Legacy scarf as a model.

Twisted Neck

Cowboy Style

French Knot

Loose Tie


dragonfly said...

You might like the knot featured on my site. I have been wearing scarves a lot this summer with simple jewel or crew necklines and it lays kind of away from the neck depending on how you tie it.

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