Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nice tats

I've been thinking about getting a tattoo- my first. My sister has Lord of the Rings Elfish scrips running around her left ankle and even if you are not an LOTR fan, you have to admit that it looks gorgeous. But I sort of want a crescent moon either on my wrist or ankle; whichever hurts less. Thankfully, I don't have to worry about whether getting a tat will ruin my career; models, on the other hand, could go from runway sensation to runway roadkill if they get a tattoo.
See, models are supposed to be blank canvases; no one wants attention taken away from an outfit by a tattoo. Plus they can be expensive to Photoshop out. But now even top models are getting their bodies inked and are miraculously still landing covers and strutting down the runway. Sure, some of them are small and in discrete places (ie. Gisele's star on her wrist) but others, such as hottie Freja Beha (the word float is tattooed on her neck,) have them in plain sight. And I don't see Freja or Gisele's careers going away anytime soon.
So ladies, perhaps this is the time to get inked; It won't hurt your modeling career.

Here are some more models with tats!

Daria Werbowy: A star and symbols on her left foot

Isabeli Fontana: Barbwire on her foot, 'Zion' with wings on her shoulder blades, Cancer symbol (her birth sign) on her right wrist

Catherine McNeil: A star on her right wrist

Carolyn Murphy: A Koi fish on her right hip

Freja Beha: "Redemption" on her left elbow, "Float" on her neck, "This too shall pass" on her left arm, "This world tonight" on her right wrist

You can barely see Gisele's star tattoo.

Isabeli Fontana with he gorgeous tats.

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