Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Tyra is the First Lady of fashion" Oh no, they did not just say that!

Tyra Banks plays Michelle Obama in the Sept. issue of Harper's Bazaar and this video shows the behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot. Here are the video's best moments:

- When Tyra says: "Michelle and Barack Obama? Y'all might be going to the White House — I'm going to White Castle because I'm starving. And I'm bringing my superfine male model Roman here who stood in for Barack. But you know what? Roman, you're fine, but Michelle's man is finer than you."

- The fake smile Faux-Barack gives Tyra after she disses him.

- The grin on Tyra Banks's smug mouth throughout the whole shoot. We all know that she plans on taking over the world. A fake election photo shoot is just the beginning my friends. Just wait and see.

- The moment you realize that Tyra can barely fit into her First Lady dresses.

- An overenthusiastic Harper's Bazaar staff member calls Tyra the "First Lady of Fashion." You may be too stunned to laugh.

- Tyra practicing waving and kissing to her adoring fans. It's funny cause she does this in every episode of America's Next Top Model. Maybe she is ready for the White House!

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