Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bags that you can actually do grocery shopping with

There are many labels who claim that their tote bag is great for getting all your eggs, bread and cookies. I know this isn't true because these bags cost more than $1000 and no one wants to carry eggs in a $1000 bag. I go to the grocery store a lot while I'm on my lunch break to pick up stuff for the house or for lunch and I always notice the eco-friendly fabric bags they sell for $2 to encourage buyers to stop using plastic bags. I am all for eco-friendly bags and reusing them but I just wish there was a more fashionable alternative that didn't make me scared I was going to ruin it. So I have searched the purse forums and found some great bags that you can take to the supermarket.

Louis Vuitton Love Tote
Although this bag is more than $1000, it's made of cotton canvas so it's machine washable just in case those eggs do break. It's also massive, meaning you can buy as many chips as you want. Plus it's cute.

See by Chloé Rainbow Oversized Canvas Tote

This bag is also made of canvas so it's easy to clean off any dirt. It also has an internal drawstring closure for those who are afraid someone might stick their fingers inside. The Chloé graphics are very fun.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Groovee Vinyl Tote
This bag will definitely stand out from all the others; the jewel-toned colour and the bag graphic are so quirky and fun.

Tory Burch Tote
Casual but polished, this bag has lots of room.

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