Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Model profile: Christina Thé

I first noticed Christina Thé at the Evan Biddell show at L'Oreal Fashion Week Fall '08. It wasn't so much her but her incredibly chiseled jawline and high-set cheekbones that made me sit up and stare. And oh, those lips. Forget about Angelina Jolie; Thé's pout will make you cry. She was definitely one of the most memorable models during Fashion Week.

The Chinese-Canadian was only 11-years-old when she was discovered at Toronto's Canadian National Exhibition. She has appeared in ads for Emporio Armani, Cover Girl and Creative Nail Design and has appeared in magazines such as Jasmine. and GQ She's signed with Elmer Olsen and Next.
Surprisingly, there is little buzz about her on the Internet considering her unique and exotic looks.
To me, she looks like she should be a movie star. Put her in a horror movie!

(Photos: L'Oreal Fashion Week, The Fashion Model Directory)

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