Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Don't call me 'baby'

Poor Kelly Rutherford's baby. The Gossip Girl mom to Serena named her son Hermes Gustaf Daniel Giersch, after the luxury label, Hermes, because their bags are fabulous. That poor child will have some explaining to do when he grows up. Hopefully he will like bags.

Here are some more appropriate designer baby names that Kelly could have named her child:

- Louis. It's a real name and you could always say you wanted to name your kid after a king who got beheaded. Show off your history knowledge.

- Balenciaga. It's exotic and rolls off the tongue nicely.

- Chloé. You could say you named it after this cool blogger you know.

- Miu Miu. Because you can't stop repeating it. Miu Miu. Miu Miu.

1 comment:

s. said...

love this.
would definiet opt for balenciage or chloe. (chloe is actually one of my favourite names, which i am saving for my own (maybe/one day/what the hell am i talking about) kids).