Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's that time again! Chloe's The Hills recap!

The Hills Season 4 finale was last night and I was as excited as getting my first Chanel bag. But I'm not going to keep on chattering. Let's get to the recap!

- For some reason I am really noticing how scripted the dialogue is and L.C. is a pretty bad actress. Example of said dialogue:
Lauren: "We're going to throw a party for her birthday this weekend."
Whitney: "Oh, fun."
Lauren: "Yeah, Lo's helping so hopefully it will smoothe things out at home."

Who wrote this shit? It doesn't help that Lauren sounds as if she just woke up from a coma.
Plus the dubbing is God awful. You feel as though you are actually in the recording studio.

- Why is Lauren always "dating" stupid surfer dudes who can't even make stupid glib talk? Time to move on to the next bro, Lauren.

- Heidi's legs have a five inch space in between them when she walks. Maybe she could model? Oh yeah, there's Heidiwood.

- Heidi's Bolthouse "job" sure pays her well if she's able to afford an Hermes Kelly.

- Spencer has completely changed! He embraces Heidi's sister who popped by without him knowing and he embraced her as if she were family and they all sang and...haha just kidding! Spencer's still a douche.

- Lo is even bitchier if that's possible. Lots of raised eyebrows and eyerolling.

- With all the relevations between this season and last about how fake the show is, it always astonished me when they still try to play as it they are all best friends on the show. Audrina gave an interview where she said MTV hired her to play Lauren and Heidi's friend. Lauren (on the episode) tells Doug (the surfer) that Audrina is one of her best friends. Um, Lauren? I think you and Audrina need to have a talk.

- Heidi's sister seems normal. Come next episode, I bet she'll have double Ds and a tummy tuck with Heidi's blessing.

- Audrina has some seriously cool friends with pink mowhawks and tattoos. I want to see more of them!

- Best Lo dis ever: "We're just going to have to enjoy the company that comes" to Audrina about her friends at her birthday party.

- At last Lauren realizes that Lo is a super bitch extraordinary. How will these friendships last Lo's evil ways?

- And the moment we've all been waiting for...showdown between Audrina and Lo! I've been waiting for this since Lo first raised her eyebrows at Audrina last season.

- The lighting on Audrina is so bright it makes her look like God is smiling down on her.

- Audrina comes out and says "We'll never be friends" to Lo. Oh. That's it? I was expecting to Lo to come back with some mean comment but she just raises her eyebrows again.

Till next week!

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