Thursday, August 14, 2008

Shoes that won't hurt my feet...I hope

I have horrible luck with shoes. I love high heels but I rarely wear them because they make me bleed/tear my skin/make my toes go numb. I only have one pair of heels that I wear regularly because they are fairly confortable (slingback peep-toe) but they did make my toes bleed when I was waiting in line at L'Oreal Fashion Week. By then my toes were so numb from all the standing that I didn't even feel the pain- a woman in the washroom pointed out the blood to me and handed me a Bandaid. But I still love them because they are don't make me want to cut off my feet, unlike those Aldo Hell heels I bought a year ago.
Come Winter, I will probably be wearing boots but until then, I can't keep wearing the same gold pair of sandals to work everyday. It gets tiring. So I am on a mission to find heels that won't kill my feet. It's going to be a rough journey.

I'm going to pretend that I have an unlimited budget too.

I like all the buckles on this shoe. It's a great take on a old-fashion 1900s shoes but the angular heel and the peep-toe keep it modern.

BCBGI can't go wrong with slingbacks because that means my skin won't get torn off at the heel. I love the colour gold and the straps are sexy.


I'm a bit afraid of this one because it looks so chunky and menacing but BCBG usually makes sturdy shoes so I'd be willing to bet that this won't hurt my feet as much as an Also shoe does. The two-tones remind me of Chanel.

Brian Atwood
Brian Atwood always makes impeccable classic shoes. They are so well made. The heel looks dangerously high but the sole looks like it's at least an inch high which means my knees won't hurt as much.

Bruno Frisoni

The design of this shoe is so wild; it will definitely stand out in a crowd.

Derek Lam

So classic and gorgeous, I can't wait to wear this in the Fall. The heel is high enough to make it fashionable but the brown colour and the buckles make it suitable for work.


Shay said...

poor thing! I've done a lot of heel wearing for work and I have to say the comfiest heels I own are Seychelles, try em!

s. said...

the ballys and derek lams are to die for.
i wear heels alot and never have a problem because for every pair of (super) high heels i buy, i buy a set of gel cushions that get put into the shoe (you can take them out too, dont worry), and theyre really small, they go where the ball of your foot is, heel, and right where the skin would typically peel off on the back on your ankle.
theyre great!

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